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New Jersey and the America Revolution

In this section we take a look at New Jersey natives and their lives during the Revolution.

Diary of Colonel Sylvanus Seely

Morris County Militia, Eastern Battalion
June 21-July 1, 1778

Jun 21st, Went to Morris Town and marched a Detachment to Join G. Dickeson.  Hear that the enemy are at Mt. Holley.  Rained.

Jun 22nd the alarm signals was given about 12 this night.  Set off at 12 o'clock to join my Detachment for to Round Brook and it begun to rain.  Got to Mill Stone and lay there all night

Jun 23d, Set off and got to Stoney Brook.

Jun 24th, Joined G. Maxwell.  Sent to Trent Town for cartridge. Had almost a Total Eclipse of the Sun.  Marched to cross roads & from thence about 5 miles north east.  Stayed all night

Jun 25th, the enemy left Allen Town, Hot weather, marched to Allen Town in the Evening

Jun 26th, marched to Freehold & Stayed there all Night.  Took 13 prisoners

Jun 27th, marched to a meeting house near English Town; our men suffered greatly with heat and drought. Was sent in the evening with 200 men to keep a guard at Mills and the enemy had a party there who had taken and killed a scouting party of our light Infantry but on our appearing they left the ground and we took possession and stayed all night

Jun 28th, Recd orders to march down & attack the enemy on their rear to retard their march until the Continental Troop came up – I accordingly came up with their rear guard which consisted of horses. We attacked them and drove them back and they formed in a line across the plain west of the Court House at ½ after eight the enemy retreated and we all retreated into the meeting House and Genl. Washington came up & formed on the Heights about the meeting house and there came on a pretty severe action in which the enemy Lost Col. Munkton & Col. Carhart & several officers of distinction and left about 200 dead on the ground.  Numbers died on both sides with heat; we lay at English Town all night.

Jun 29th, Buried the Dead lay within one mile of English Town all Day

Jun 30th, Marched to Cownoevers Mills, got discharge.  Came into the Pines, stayed all night

Jul 1st, Came to Quibble Town discharged the men, came home that night

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