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New Jersey and The American Revolution: The Battle of Princeton

Washington beat the British in Trenton on Christmas Day 1776. It was a shock for both sides, and it set the stage for the turning point of the American Revolution. With the American's victory over the British at Princeton in early January of 1777, the tide of war swung over to the Patriots.

Now you can follow in Washington's foot steps as he moved some 6,000 troops under the cover of darkness, where he was able to engage some 8,000 British soliders.

Download our set of maps that show you the route Washington took, and the markers placed by the Society of the Sons of the Revolution in the State of New Jersey. There are twelve obolisks and twelve plaques.

To download the maps right click on the word maps, and select save as or save link as. The file will be in the Adobe PDF format. It is a rather large file, about 800KB, so you should only download it if you are on a high speed internet connection, like cable or DSL. You can check your speed here