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New Jersey and the America Revolution
The Battle Of Monmouth


The Battle of Monmouth occurred in the summer of 1778 and was another critical victory for the Americans.

If you would like to learn more here are a number of resources.

Primary Sources:

  • American Accounts.
  • Loyalist, British and Hessian Accounts.
  • Citizen Accounts.
  • Washington’s Letters before and after the battle.
  • General Lee’s Letters to Washington from George Washington’s Papers, Rutgers University website.


Secondary Sources and Interpretation of the Battle:

  • “The New Jersey Brigade at the Battle of Monmouth,” Dr. John U. Rees.
    • - Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Department of Military Science         
      (with a brief explanation of the battle, and broken down into a timeline by the hour).


Historic Places and Organizations Associated with the Battle:

  • Monmouth Battlefield.
  • Craig House.
  • St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Freehold (used as a hospital).
  • Old Tennent Church, Englishtown (used as a hospital).
  • Friends of Monmouth Battlefield.
  • Monmouth County Historical Association
    • has many documents associated with the battle, as well as functions as a museum



  • Major John Andre’s maps of Evesham, a.k.a. Mt. Laurel (June 23, 1778), Mt. Holly (June 24, 1778), Blackhorse, a.k.a. Columbus (June 25, 1778), Crosswicks (June 26, 1778, Allentown (June 27, 1778), Freehold (June 28, 1778),
  • Commander John Simcoe’s map of Crosswicks (June 26, 1778)
  • Revolutionary maps at Ancestry.com
  • Library of Congress online Revolutionary Maps
  • George Washington Papers, contains five (5) maps of the Battle area
  • Map of Route taken from Rutgers University Website


Fun with History:

  • Virtual Tour of the Reenactment of the Battle
  • Bicycle Tour around the Monmouth Battlefield area
  • Molly Pitcher game at the Monmouth County Archives



  • W. S. Stryker, The Battle of Monmouth (1927)

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