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The Society is always looking for new members who are qualified and share our passion.

If you are interested in joining, please continue reading below to learn more about membership requirements.

If you are looking for a bit of historical information, you can find a list of past members and a list of the patriot ancestors who were used to qualify for members for membership.
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To preserve for succeeding generations the freedom and good government for which our forefathers fought.

To develop awareness of and interest in the beginnings of our nation.

To recall the sacrifices that accompanied its birth.

To underscore the wisdom which devised the system of checks and balances that provides opportunity and freedom for all.

General Requirements

Any male person of good character, and lineal descendant of one who, as a military, naval or marine officer, soldier, sailor, or marine, in actual service, under the authority of any of the thirteen Colonies or States or of the Continental Congress, and remaining always loyal to such authority, or a lineal descendant of one who signed the Declaration of Independence, or of one who, as a member of the Continental Congress, or of the Congress of any of the Colonies or States, or as an official appointed by or under the authority of any such legislative bodies, actually assisted in the establishment of American Independence by services rendered during the War of the Revolution, becoming thereby liable to conviction of treason against the Government of Great Britain, but remaining always loyal to the authority of the Colonies or States, or, who served honorably in a military or naval expedition against the British during the War of the Revolution under the authority of the French or Spanish Governments shall be eligible to membership in the Society. Both Senior and Junior (the latter under the age of eighteen years) memberships are available.

That when the claim of eligibility is based on the service of an ancestor in the "minute-men" or "militia", it must be satisfactorily shown that such an ancestor was actually called into service of the State or United States, and performed garrison or field duty; and

Provided further,
That when the claim of eligibility is based on the service of an ancestor as a "sailor" or "marine", it must in like manner be shown that such service was other than shore duty and regularly performed in the Continental Navy, or the navy of one of the original thirteen states, or on an armed vessel, other than a merchant ship, which sailed under letters of marque and reprisal, and that such ancestor of the applicant was duly enrolled in the ship's company, either as an officer, seaman or otherwise than as a passenger; and

Provided further,
That when the claim of eligibility is based on the service of an ancestor as an "official," such service must have been performed in the civil service of the United States, or one of the thirteen original States, and must have been sufficiently important in character to have rendered the official liable to arrest and imprisonment, the same as a combatant, if captured by the enemy, as well as liable to conviction of treason against the Government of Great Britain.

Service in the ordinary duties of civil office, the performance of which did not particularly and effectively aid the American Cause shall not constitute eligibility.

In the construction of this article, the volunteer Aides-de-Camp of General Officers in Continental Service, who were duly announced as such and who actually served in the field during a campaign, shall be comprehended as having performed qualifying service.

The civil officials and military forces of the State of Vermont, during the War of the Revolution, shall also be comprehended in the same manner as if they had belonged to one of the thirteen original States.

No service of an ancestor shall be deemed as qualifying service for membership in the "Sons of the Revolution" where such ancestor, after assisting in the cause of American Independence, shall have subsequently either adhered to the enemy, or failed to maintain an honorable record throughout the War of the Revolution.

No person shall be admitted unless he be eligible under one of the provisions of this article, nor unless he be of good moral character and be judged worthy of becoming a member.

Membership Categories

  • Senior: available to eligible males 18 years or older in most State Societies (21 years in a few).
  • Junior: available in most State Societies to male candidates from birth to 18 or 21 years of age.
  • Life: Single "lump sum" dues payment.



Requirements For Membership:
Candidate must be the descendent of an ancestor's whose service was as a military, naval or marine officer, a soldier, sailor or marine or an official of one of the 13 colonies or states or of the national government representing or composed of these colonies or states(*).  

    (*)The service of such official needs to have been of sufficient importance to have rendered the official liable to arrest or imprisonment, the same as a combatant, and liable to conviction of treason against the government of Great Britain.

Candidate's said ancestor remained loyal to the Revolutionary cause throughout the war.

Candidate is of good moral character.

Candidate pays all fees and charges as required by the Society and remains in good standing.

Membership Process
Candidates for membership must be proposed and seconded by current SRNJ members.

Candidates for membership will submit two completed applications with payment of required fees and charges.

Applications will be reviewed, then approved for presentation to the Board of Managers for consideration or returned for further clarification, documentation or correction. If genealogical assistance is need, the Society can provide names of genealogists. All genealogical fees are the candidates responsibility.

The Board of Managers will review completed applications submitted by the Registrar. Candidates applications will be approved or rejected by the Board of Managers. The SRNJ reserves the right to decline membership to any candidate based on the application or other factors as it deems relevant.

New members will be notified by letter of their acceptance into the Society. The letter will include their SRNJ number and their General Society number. And in a separate mailing, they will receive a New Jersey State Society certificate.


Application for Membership: in Adobe PDF format SRApplicationPDF

Application for Membership: in Microsoft Word format SR ApplicationWord

Application for Membership, Short Form: Shortform SR application
Note the short form is only used if a parent or grandparent is an existing member of the SRNJ.

Additional Information

For more information or to request an application form, please use the electronic contact form available in the Contact Us section of this web site.


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